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WAIT - Waiting for an uncertain future: the temporalities of irregular migration

The WAIT project used theories of temporality and the concept of 'waitinghood' as tools for producing new and critical insights into the cultural conditions and implications of migration. 'Waitinghood' is about the condition of prolonged waiting, uncertainty and temporariness which is characteristic of irregular migration. WAIT investigated how temporal structures related to irregular migration are shaped by legal regimes, cultural norms and power relationships, and how they shape subjective experiences and life projects. The project focused on four European migration-hubs, notably Oslo (Norway), Stockholm (Sweden), Marseille (France) and Hamburg (Germany).


The WAIT project is now completed. On 1 and 2 October 2020, we had our closing conference Waiting for uncertain futures: Time and migration. Due to the ongoing pandemic, we made it digital, and over the two days, the WAIT researchers presented their work and participated in roundtable discussions for an audience of over 90 people from all over the world.

Recordings of the conference sessions are now available on the event page.

In our final newsletter which will be sent out towards the end of 2020, you can read about the conference and the recently published book Waiting and the Temporalities of Irregular Migration. Sign up for our newsletter here!

ERC Starting Grant
Portrait photo of Marry-Anne Karlsen

What role does expert knowledge play in asylum litigation?

Migration researcher Marry-Anne Karlsen at the Centre for Women's and Gender Research (SKOK) at UiB has been granted prestigious funding by the EU to do research on expert knowledge in asylum litigation.

New book
Bokframside Waiting and the Temporalities of Irregular Migration

Waiting as analytical perspective provides new insight

Researchers from UiB’s WAIT project have published a new book about waiting as both a social phenomenon in migration and as an analytical perspective on migration processes.

Video interview with WAIT researcher

Shahram Khosravi on the pandemic and borders

In April, WAIT researcher Shahram Khosravi was interviewed about the pandemic and borders as part of a series of conversations called Four Rooms.

Blog post
Illustration image with map and numbers

Waiting for uncertain futures in pandemic times

Reflections from researchers at the WAIT project on the complexity of waiting in pandemic times.

Blog post
Closed door with signs stating "We are closed" and "Covid-19"

How is the Covid-19 pandemic affecting migrants with precarious legal status?

In this blog post, four researchers connected to the WAIT project reflect on how the Covid-19 pandemic is affecting migrants with precarious legal status in Europe.