WAIT - Waiting for an uncertain future: the temporalities of irregular migration

The WAIT project uses theories of temporality and the concept of 'waitinghood' as tools for producing new and critical insights into the cultural conditions and implications of migration. 'Waitinghood' is about the condition of prolonged waiting, uncertainty and temporariness which is characteristic of irregular migration.

WAIT investigates how temporal structures related to irregular migration are shaped by legal regimes, cultural norms and power relationships, and how they shape subjective experiences and life projects. The project focuses on four European migration-hubs, notably Oslo (Norway), Stockholm (Sweden), Marseille (France) and Hamburg (Germany).

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Meet the reseracher
profile picture

The 'return turn' in asylum law and policy

WAIT has strengthened its research group with post doctor Jessica Schultz, a lawyer specialized in international refugee law and human rights law.

Migration research
Nov 29

The politics and aesthetic of waiting in Palestinian refugee camps

Ruba Salih from Department of Anthropology and Sociology, SOAS University of London, will give a talk about temporality in Palestinian refugee camps.

Meet the researcher
Profile picture wait researcher Kari Anne Drangsland

WAIT researcher Kari Anne Drangsland

PhD candidate Kari Anne Drangsland has contributed to the WAIT project with ethnographic field research in Hamburg, Germany, and in this brief outline she answers a few questions on her engagement in WAIT.

Researcher spotlight
Konferansebilde Odin Lysaker

WAIT-researcher Odin Lysaker

Professor Odin Lysaker is one of the core researchers in the WAIT group. In this brief outline of his work, he answers a few questions about his own involvement in WAIT.


Interview with Ghassan Hage

Professor Ghassan Hage on waiting as an analytical category in migration studies