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Migration researcher Marry-Anne Karlsen at the Centre for Women's and Gender Research (SKOK) at UiB has been granted prestigious funding by the EU to do research on expert knowledge in asylum litigation.
Researchers from UiB’s WAIT project have published a new book about waiting as both a social phenomenon in migration and as an analytical perspective on migration processes.
In April, WAIT researcher Shahram Khosravi was interviewed about the pandemic and borders as part of a series of conversations called Four Rooms.
In this blog post, four researchers connected to the WAIT project reflect on how the Covid-19 pandemic is affecting migrants with precarious legal status in Europe.
Reflections from researchers at the WAIT project on the complexity of waiting in pandemic times.
Ph.D candidate Kari Anne Drangsland has been published in acclaimed journal Time and Society.
WAIT has strengthened its research group with post doctor Jessica Schultz, a lawyer specialized in international refugee law and human rights law.
PhD candidate Kari Anne Drangsland has contributed to the WAIT project with ethnographic field research in Hamburg, Germany.
Professor Odin Lysaker is one of the core researchers in the WAIT group.
Knut Graw (University of Leuven) has been a guest researcher at Centre for Women's and Gender Research this spring.
Questions regarding migration and patriarchy, in particular the Lebanese diaspora, were debated during Ghassan Hage's visit in Bergen.
On February 6-9, 2019, the researchers on the WAIT project gathered in Athens.
Read the newest blog entry from PhD candidate Halvar A. Kjærre on his research amongst Afghans in Europe.
"Meeting the migrants have made a big impression on me, but as an anthropologist it is also through these meetings that I do my best thinking."
What are the moral consequences of irregular migrants’ prolonged waiting?
Read Kari Anne Drangsland's reflections on how silence is telling of the normative structures that shape irregular migrants' experience of waiting.
In the latest blog entry from the WAIT project, Marry-Anne Karlsen writes about how irregularized migrants' sense of waiting is produced.
Social anthropologist and WAIT researcher Shahram Khosravi is currently carrying out fieldwork among irregular migrants in Stockholm.