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WAIT researcher Odin Lysaker

Professor Odin Lysaker is one of the core researchers in the WAIT group.

Konferansebilde Odin Lysaker
Susanne Bergstøl

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In this brief outline of his work, he answers a few questions about his own involvement in WAIT.

How did you come to be a part the WAIT project?

Project leader Christine Jacobsen asked if I wanted to join the group. 

Do the ethnographic and theoretical approaches resonate with any of your previous research or experience?"

Yes, in my book "Menneskeverdets politikk" (2013) (eng: The Politics of Human Dignity) I write about human dignity, and what "time" means from the moment dignity is violated, and until it is recognized anew. 

Has the involvement with the WAIT-group changed the way you approach topics in your research?

I always learn something new and useful when working interdisciplinarily.

Migration is a very «hot topic» in academia, across various disciplines. What do you think makes the WAIT project stand out?

It is relatively new to explore time and waiting in the migration process, especially in the Norwegian context. 

"Can you give some examples of your own critical reflections that have surfaced during the project period?

Yes, in regard to climate refugees, I am concerned with the different experiences of waiting with climate refugees, considering that they are not included in the Refugee Convention.

"Do you have any recent or upcoming publications, lectures, seminars or disseminations that you would like to share?

I have a chapter, "Vulnerability, Child Refugees and Prolonged Waiting", in the forthcoming book Vulnerability as a Productive Resource in Scandinavian Art and Culture edited by Margareta Dancus, Maria Karlsson, and Mats Hyvönen.