Here is a list of the various workshops and seminars organized by the WAIT group.

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"The politics and aesthetic of waiting in Palestinian refugee camps"

SKOK invited Reader Ruba Salih from the Department of Anthropology and Sociology of the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS) University of London to talk about temporality in Palestinian refugee camps. Discusant: post doctor Kjersti G. Berg from CMI.

"Native/Immigrant/Refugee: Crossings and Divides"

Collaboration between University of Berkley and SKOK financed by the Peder Sæter grants. The two-day seminar consisted of doscussions evloving around toe constructions of refugees, immigrants, and indigenous peoples and how they are studied in relation to white “natives,” but seldom in relation to one another, and plans for future collaboration. 

"Time and Temporalities"  workshop
This workshop was co-organized with the Department of Sociology, UiB. The topic of the workshop invited a broad approach and participants were invited to engage in discussions with reference to the writings of one of the pioneers of contemporary social theorising on time, Professor emerita Barbara Adam, as well as to other authors and their own research.

"The Design Politics of the Passport" - seminar
Postdoctoral fellow Mahmoud Keshavarz presented the topic of his book which is an interdisciplinary study of the passport and its associated social, political and material practices as a means of uncovering the workings of what he calls ‘design politics’.

"The concept of waiting and its analytical potential in studying irregularized migration" - seminar
With visits from Ghassan Hage, Svati Shah and guest researcher Knut Graw, the WAIT group invited to a closed reading seminar to discuss the analytical potential in "waiting" as a concept. 

"Migration, history and the question of voice" - Open Seminar with Knut Graw
Centre for Women's and Gender Research and researchers from Project WAIT invited all interested to an open seminar with guest researcher Knut Graw. 

"WAIT: Unpacking the temporalities of irregular migration" - Conference 
Core researcher, network partners and affiliated researchers met at foot of Acropolis, at the Norwegian Institute in Athens (NIA), to discuss and reflect on the topics of the WAIT project.

"Waitinghood: Unpacking the temporalities of waiting and irregular migration" - Seminar
Seminar with Sarah Sharma and presentations from researchers from the WAIT and In Sync projects, organised at CAS, Centre for Advanced Studies i Oslo.



"Life on Hold" - Public seminar and outreach (NO)
"Life on Hold" was a public seminar hosted at Litteraturhuset in Bergen. 

"Trapped in space, stuck in time? Exploring irregular migration, time and im/mobility" - workshop
Researchers in the WAIT projects organized a workshop as a part of the European Association of Social Anthropologists (EASA) conference in Stockholm.

"Il/legal time: Exploring the temporalities of irregular migration" - workshop
In the Nordic Migration Research conference, parts of the WAIT team organized a workshop for panel discussions. 



"The Criminalization of Young Men in Iran" - Open seminar
Shahram Khosravi from Stockholm University recently published his newest ethnographic book, Precarious Lives: Waiting and Hope in Iran, an "intricate and moving portrait of contemporary Iranian life," where he elegantly weaves together insights from his studies of Iranian youth culture and migration studies. In this seminar, the discussion revolved around the topics of his book. 

"Multiple Temporalities: epidemic, mobilizations, institutions and bodies" - seminar with Sandrine Musso
Senior Researcher Sandrine Musso from Aix-Marseille University is one of the international network partners connected to the WAIT- Project. In this seminar Musso presented: “Multiple temporalities: epidemic, mobilizations, institutions and bodies: Lessons of a research on postcolonial minorities and aids in France”.

"Imagining Emmanuel" - Screening of documentaries about irregular migration
SKOK and WAIT organized a public screening of "Imagining Emanuel" and "Out of Norway", followed by a conversation with the WAIT-researchers. 

KVIK206: "Gender and sexuality in a global context" - Undergraduate Course in Gender, Migration and Time. 
The curriculum for the new course about gender, migration and time» is directly linked with the WAIT research on migration in Europe, an angle that the students highly appreciate.

"WAIT" - seminar
Researchers and network partners met for the first time in Paris to present, discuss and share thoughts about the research and to kickoff the WAIT-project.