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Kari Anne Drangsland published in the journal Time and Society

Ph.D candidate Kari Anne Drangsland has been published in acclaimed journal Time and Society.

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At the waiting room in Hamburg.
Kari Anne Drangsland

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The title of the article is "Waiting as a redemptive state: The ‘Lampedusa in Hamburg’ and the offer from the Hamburg government".

Through fieldwork in Hamburg, Germany in 2017, Kari Anne Drangsland studied a group of immigrants known as 'the Lampedusa in Hamburg' and their journey towards residency. Due to strong political and social pressures, local authorities in Hamburg arranged an offer of possible residency to this group of immigrants during the immigration crisis in Germany in 2015. 'The Lampedusa' immigrants had to give up their rights as refugees, granted in Italy in the hope of a residency permit in Germany. These permits had conditions of German language skills and financial independence, but applicants were safe from deportation during the application process when accepting the offer.

However, application processes take time, and in 2017 many were still 'living in the offer' waiting for its redeeming. When Drangsland met with many of 'the Lampedusa,' the pressing question was: Is it worth the wait? The article examines how the violence of waiting and a future redeeming (residency) acquire meaning in relation to each other within and through certain spatiotemporal frames.

The article is available in full format here: Waiting as a redemptive state: The ‘Lampedusa in Hamburg’ and the offer from the Hamburg government

The Ph.D degree of Kari Anne Drangsland is part of the project WAIT- Waiting for an uncertain future: the temporalities of irregular migration. You can read more about the project here.