Radiology and Nuclear Medicine at UiB

Teaching (Medicine 2005)

Teaching 3rd year

2 45-min lectures:
Conventional nuclear medicine (Part 1* + Part 2*)
Positron emission tomography (Part 1* + Part 2*)
* Adobe Flash format - needs flash plug-in (PC/laptop only).

Interactive seminar based on clinical cases (90 minutes, 40 students):
Conventional nuclear medicine
Positron emission tomography
Web lecture SPECT og PET

Teaching 6th year

Interactive seminar based on clinical cases (90 minutes, 20 students):

Preparation before the seminars (obligatory): 
Web lecture (before day 1): Thyroid imaging
Test yourself: MC questions on https://mitt.uib.no
Web lecture (before day 2): Oncology   Skeletal scintigraphy
Test yourself: MC questions on https://mitt.uib.no

Day 1: Organ imaging (90 minutes)
Day 2: Onco imaging (90 minutes)

Test exam on https://mitt.uib.no (with solution; can be submitted several times)

Exam: 20 MC questions in 30 min on UiB's new electronic examination system (Inspera)

Other ressources

Case database https://nukoa.ihelse.net (accessible only from inside the hospital network)

Other ressources - se here

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