Radiology and Nuclear Medicine at UiB

Teaching (Medicine 2005)

The previous curriculum at the University of Bergen was called "Medicine 2005". Nuclear medicine was taught as part of the course in Radiology (MEDRAD) in the 3rd and 6th year.

Multimodal Imaging 2008

Presentation on Multimodal imaging from 2008.
Martin Biermann, UiB

Main content

Teaching 3rd year

2 45-min lectures:
Conventional nuclear medicine
Positron emission tomography
The contents of my old lectures have been migrated to my current short lectures. Both lectures were online in 2 parts of 25 min each. Unfortunately, Adobe Flash™ is no longer supported by moderen web browsers, so I had to remove the links. The above presentation on multimodal imaging is representative of my multimedia production in 2006 - 2009, but had to be transferred til less interactive video format.

Interactive seminar based on clinical cases (90 minutes, 40 students):
Conventional nuclear medicine
Positron emission tomography
Web lecture SPECT og PET

Teaching 6th year

Interactive seminar based on clinical cases (90 minutes, 20 students):

Preparation before the seminars (obligatory): 
Web lecture (before day 1): Thyroid imaging
Test yourself: MC questions on https://mitt.uib.no
Web lecture (before day 2): Oncology   Skeletal scintigraphy
Test yourself: MC questions on https://mitt.uib.no

Day 1: Organ imaging (90 minutes)
Day 2: Onco imaging (90 minutes)

Test exam on https://mitt.uib.no (with solution; can be submitted several times)

Exam: 20 MC questions in 30 min on UiB's new electronic examination system (Inspera)

Other ressources

Case database https://nukoa.ihelse.net (accessible only from inside the hospital network)

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