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Professor Ruth Brenk

The overall research goal of the Brenk lab is to improve methods used for structure-based drug design and to apply these methods to design inhibitors for enzymes with biological relevance. A key point in our research is the interplay of theoretical and experimental methods.

For more details, check out our research page.

Themed collecction
An RNA-ligand complex

Interested in RNA-ligand design?

Check out a themed collection about RNA-ligand design in RSC Med. Chem.

New article published
TOC figure, Archiv der Pharmazie

On the Hunt for Metalloenzyme Inhibitors

The Brenk lab has published an article in which they have investigated the presence of metal-coordinating groups in screening libraries and chemical spaces. This can help with the discovery for new inhibitors for metallo enzymes.

Use cases for the EU-OS fragment screening library
TOC figure, RSC Med Chem

Design, Quality and Validation of the EU-OPENSCREEN Fragment Library Poised to a High-Throughput Screening Collection

The Brenk lab has co-authored a paper describing the EU-Openscreen fragment library.

Improving services of EU-Openscreen

Funding for work on Ribotacs

As part of a consortium lead by the EU-Openscreen head office with the overall goal to improve the services offered by EU-Openscreen, the Brenk group has got funding to work on Ribotacs. Ribotacs are small molecules that selectively bind RNAs and a RNAse and thus lead targeted RNA degradation. We...

Drug discovery meeting
Ludvik Espeland presenting at the drug disocvery meeting.

Drug Discovery get together

In March, we had a Drug Discovery meeting to showcase the research that is going on Bergen and to connect the groups active in this area. Nearly 50 people had signed up of the meeting and we had 9 different talks covering topics from target discovery all the way to clinical trials.

We offer topics for the degree MSc in the area of structure-based drug design, e.g. molecular modelling, fragment screening and X-ray crystallography. Don't hestitate to contact us for chat to discuss what exactly we can offer and how we can tailor this to match your  interests.

The Brenk Lab is part of the Research Unit Structural biology and drug discovery.