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“Adaptations, consolidations and translations of EEA legal acts - Remarks from an academic perspective”

In a recent digital meeting, members of the management group of Centenol met with the ad hoc Working Group on Adaption Practice.

Ingrid og Halvard
Faculty of Law

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Members of the management group of Centenol, Professor Halvard Haukeland Fredriksen and Associate Professor Ingrid Barlund, had a digital meeting with the ad hoc Working Group on Adaptation Practice who shall assist Subcommittee V of the Standing Committee of the EFTA States in legal and technical tasks related to considering best practices in drafting adaptation texts, making recommendations for possible adjustments in practice, and consider the possibility of producing consolidated versions of EEA acts. Fredriksen and Barlund shared some of their thoughts on these matters, and encouraged the initiative and stressed the need for change and improvement to safeguard legal certainty.