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Online Distance Learning Course

Natural Resources Management

While there exists much detailed knowledge about natural resources, they are frequently mismanaged, often with dramatic consequences for those involved. One aim of this course is to build solid intuitive understanding of the interplay between humans and nature. A second aim is to help students develop the skills and competencies needed for proper management of for instance water reservoirs, fisheries, forests, animal herds, and climate, and to operate in product and quota markets.

Natural resources management, online distance learning course

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The course is taught in English and makes use of Internet based distance learning with online tasks and immediate answers, videos, analogies, animations, simulators, simulation models, games, and discussions. Students download one program to their desktops from which all course material is one mouse click away.

The course is open to students worldwide and offers 10 credit points. For more information about the course and to apply before the deadline of 1 February go to: 

Course description GEO-SD660 Natural Resources Management