Mohn Cancer Research Laboratory


Mohn Cancer Research Laboratory was established in 2009 in the Laboratory building at Haukeland University Hospital with funding from Bergen Medical Research Foundation (BMFS) and Trond Mohn.

Main content

We aim to be a platform for translational research. This is research that combines clinical cancer research and basic research. Our goal is to pinpoint the mechanisms of cancer development and therapy resistance.

We believe that a deeper insight into the biology of cancer cells will result in a better identification of the risk factors and more optimal treatment options for patients with cancer.

The laboratory consists of 3 research groups with about 20 researchers and technicians who are mainly working with the following issues:

Breast cancer group:

  • Somatic mutations that make cancer cells resistant to treatment.
  • Germline factors that influence the risk of cancer and result in different clinical features and different degrees of side effects during treatment.
  • «Epigenetic» changes as a cause of cancer and therapy resistance. 
  • Hormones and their role in cancer development and treatment of various hormone-sensitive cancers.

Our research is mainly focused on cancer arising in the breast, ovaries and the gastrointestinal tract as well as on malignant melanomas.

KTS-project group:

More information about the research projects, employees and publications of the KTS-group.

Olav Dahl's research group:

  • Molecular mechanisms linked to radiation therapy in colorectal cancer.
  • Biomarkers in testicular cancer.