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Mohn Cancer Research Laboratory (MCRL) was established in 2009 at the Laboratory Building at Haukeland University Hospital campus by Bergen Medical Research Foundation (BMFS) and Trond Mohn.

The main focus of our research is to identify the genetic and molecular mechanisms that influence the risk of various types of cancer, as well as the mechanisms that have impact on treatment results of cancer patients.

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Early life gene epimutation may cause breast cancer

Research reveals that around 20 per cent of all cases of the most severe form of breast cancer may arise from the small group of normal tissue cells carrying an epimutation of a specific gene.

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Project on BRCA1 methylation in early embryonic life receives funding from the Norwegian Cancer Society

Mohn Cancer Research Laboratory has been awarded 7 993 000 kr from the Norwegian Cancer Society for the project "Is BRCA1 methylation in early embryonic life the first step towards cancer?". The project is led by Stian Knappskog and is one of 25 projects among 143 applicants that receives funding in...

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BRCA1 methylation predicts cancer risk

A new study published in JAMA Oncology (September 2022) shows that BRCA1 methylation in early embryotic life leads to increased cancer risk in the adult.

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Promising effect of Lynparza as monotherapy in the Petremac trial

In an interview with journalist Marit Aaby Vebenstad (published 28.06.2022 in the Norwegian oncology journal Brystkreft), Per Eystein Lønning from Mohn Cancer Research Laboratory talks about the promising effect of Lynparza as monotherapy in the treatment of triple negative breast cancer in the...

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National and international interest in breast- and ovarian cancer study

Norwegian newspaper Dagbladet (04.06.2022 (digital edition) and 21.06.2022 (paper edition)) and Swedish newspaper Expressen (12.06.2022) both mention a research project that is a collaboration between the Breast Cancer Group at Mohn Cancer Research Laboratory and the Women's Health Initiative (WHI)...