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Journal of the Geological Society (JGS) Early Career Award

Christian Haug Eide wins JGS Early Career Award for 2017

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Figure 1: The figure shows plumbing systems that led magma to volcanoes in East Greenland millions of years ago (A), and how these pipelines are exposed in cliffs in the area today after several kilometres of uplift (B).
Christian Haug Eide

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The Journal of the Geological Society selected Christian Haug Eide for their Early Career award for his paper titled «Basin-scale architecture of deeply emplaced sill complexes: Jameson Land, East Greenland». We received this news of this from the editorial board of the Journal of the Geological Society (JGS) on Tuesday. The award-winning article can be found in the link below. There you will also find a description of the work from Geoforskning.no.

Christian works at the Department of Geosciences at the University of Bergen, and one of the foci of his research is the “plumbing systems” in the Earth's crust that lead magma to volcanoes.

This work is about how volcanic plumbing systems are controlled by the rocks under the volcanoes. The work has been done by investigating plumbing systems below volcanoes that existed in East Greenland many millions of years ago (see figure), and it has been been done in collaboration with researchers from the University of Aberdeen and the University of Oslo.

The results in the article can lay the foundation for increasing understanding of processes in magma chambers of volcanoes, to better interpret data from active volcanoes, and to better search for reservoirs in areas which were subject to volcanism in the past, such as in the areas around the North Atlantic.

The award itself is awarded on March 12 in Burlington House in London.