Geodynamics and Basin Studies

High-resolution sequence stratigraphy and 3D reservoir characterization of the Mishrif Formation, southern Iraq

PhD Thamer Mahdi

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Supervision: William Helland-Hansen

Project Funding: Statoil 3 year scholarship (2008-2011)

This study focuses is concerned with a high-resolution sequence stratigraphic analysis and reservoir characterization of the Mishrif Formation (Middle Cenomanian-Early Turonian) in southern Iraq. This carbonate rock formation is one of the Middle East's major petroleum reservoirs. The main aim of the study is to develop a regional sequence-stratigraphic framework and 3D reservoir model, beginning with the conversion of 1D well data into 2D panels of interpreted microfacies, petrophysical properties and sequence-stratigraphic surfaces. For this purpose, wireline logs and cores data are integrated and analysed using Petrel™ and Dionisos™ softwares. The study will allow to predict the spatial distribution of carbonate facies that are potential stratigraphic traps for hydrocarbons, and hence will aid regional exploration.