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Conference presentations - "The Human Side of Climate Change" - Oct2015

The LINGCLIM project arranged a multidisciplinary conference on climate change in Bergen.

Conference participants
Conference participants
Martin Karlsen

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The LINGCLIM project organised 16-17 October a multidisciplinary conference on climate change. The focus of the conference was the current state of the many facets of climate change research, with a special focus on social sciences and humanities.

In two very intensive and interesting conference days, there were 44 presentations from different fields of study varying from climate sciences to media and communication studies, political science, sociology, psychology, cultural studies, film, poetry, discourse analysis and linguistics.

The programme also had a broad appeal and more than 100 persons from different countries, researchers, students and other interested, participated at the conference.

The feedback both during and after the conference has been very positive, and the LINGCLIM project has received many requests for distribution of slides from the conference. We are happy to announce that you will find many of them as attachments to this webpage. 

To all Keynotes, Paper presenters, and Participants – Thank you for your contribution!