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On the political agenda: Digital privacy!

The Commission for Digital Privacy gives their recommendations and propositions for the Norwegian government.

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The Commission for Digital privacy, with professor at the University of Bergen, Brita Ytre-Arne, presented mondag the 26th of september to their report of the status for digital privacy in Norway for the Ministry of Local Government and Regional Development. The commission emphasized the need for a comprehensive and structured political strategy to ensure the protection of privacy.

The commission recommends that the government works to establish supervisory authorities at European level with the authority and responsibility to ensure effective enforcement of the privacy regulations towards the global platform players. 

When considering the online privacy for the people of Norway, the commission are especially concerned for the privacy of children and youths within the education system. The use of «free» apps, platforms and devices in educational contexts may cause a privacy risk as the applications may hold excessive amounts of information about the users. The commission therefore proposes measures to strenghten the awareness and competence among students and others to better adapt to a digital environment.

The committee also proposes other initiatives to further investigate and discuss legilation that prohibit the use of behavioural data in digital marketing, especially to youths and children.