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Newest member of The Academy for Young Researchers: Erik Knudsen

The Academy for young researchers annonces their 11 new members for 2022-2026. With hard competition from over 50 applicants, our own Erik Knudsen made the cut.

Photo of researcher Erik Knudsen
Sigrid Haaland

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The Academy for Young Researchers made their annoncement of the 11 new members for a four year period from 2022 to 2026. 

The Academy for Young Researchers is a interdisciplinary meeting place and research policy platform for young researchers from all over Norway. The Academy is open for researchers from every field from all over the country. This year the competition was tough with over 50 qualified applicants. Our own researcher Erik Knudsen was one of the 11 members that was accepted into the academy. To apply one would have to prove that they have done a significant amount of independent scientific or artistically work, and have stood out among researchers in their field. They also have to be 38 or younger in the year they apply. Researchers with all national backgrounds are welcome to apply for membership, but they have to master norwegian. 

The academy was established in the fall of 2015 and are founded by the Det Norske Videnskaps-Akademi (the Norweigan Research Academy) and the Ministry of Education and Research.

The Academy for Young Researchers is a part of a larger movement for young academics that has grown the last few decades. The academy is a part of an international network and has sister organisations all over the world.