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Onlife Spaces: Why should we change the perspective from learning space design to learning space organization at universities?

This exciting instance of the TeLEd Monthly Event Series will feature. Katja Ninnemann, Professor of Digitalization and Workspace Management at HTW Berlin. Prof. Dr. Ninnemann will talk about the intersection of physical learning spaces and rapidly evolving digital realities.

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Katja Ninnemann

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The rapid development of information and communication technologies is increasingly eroding the boundaries between digital and analog or online and offline, In this context, Luciano Floridi coined the term "Onlife" to emphasize the need of a fundamental change in perspectives. With the conceptional approach of "Onlife Spaces" it can be shown that strategies at universities should shift from learning space design to learning space organization. Based on research projects, relevant aspects and key findings are discussed to derive spatial strategies for supporting teaching and learning processes in higher education.