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Grades, products, and processes: Higher education is full of goal displacement, but must it be?

This exciting instance of the TeLEd Monthly Event Series will feature Christian Jørgensen, Professor of Biology at UiB and leader of the Theoretical Ecology research group. Christian has won several local and national teaching awards and has conducted research on student engagement, motivation, and grading.

Picture of Christian Jørgensen

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One way to read John Biggs’ famous analysis is that it points to the ubiquity of goal displacement in higher education, where a system built for mass education triggers external motivation for grades rather than internal motivation for deeper learning and understanding. This description of a key problem is still accurate, but it is becoming more challenging to come up with teaching methods to overcome it. In this talk, Christian will describe goal displacement at several levels, and discuss his own experiences with assessment methods that focus on the process of understanding and the challenges that now arise with artificial intelligence.