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Professor Terje Tvedt criticizes Social Sciences for being “water blind”.
The ninth Bergen Summer Research School 2016 kicks off Monday June 13 at Dragefjellet. World leading researchers and over one hundred PhD candidates from 40 countries will spend two weeks immersed in global challenges – this year related to water.
Why did the industrial revolution first emerge in Europe and not in Asia? Professor Terje Tvedt wants to answer this question, and is now in the final round for an ERC Advanced Grant.
A human rights based approach may make governments legally accountable for the political commitments made in the Sustainable Development Goals.
Is a sustainable society possible? With several open talks between June 15 and 27, the Bergen Summer Research School will seek to find out how.
Get new perspectives on UN's Sustainable Delopment Goals and meet PhD candidates from all over the world.
Many targets have been met in several regions, but progress in other areas is far from sufficient. What strategies do we need for the global society of the future to ensure sustainable development, including for poor countries? This will be the theme for the summer research school in Bergen in 2015.
Professor Olivier De Schutter believes that social innovations may hold the key to change the global food system.
This year’s list of plenary sessions is packed with exciting titles and original researchers.
The subject of the fifth Bergen Summer Research School is «Transnational Migration and Global Development».
The Bergen Summer Research School 2014 took place in June-July. This year the focus was on Governance to Meet Global Development Challenges.
The Bergen Summer Research School 2013 will take place from June 17th to June 29th. The deadline for applications has been extended to 17th of March.