Department of Comparative Politics

Seminar at Nordic Centre/Fudan University, 20 April 2018: WELFARE CHALLENGES: CHINESE AND NORWEGIAN OUTLOOKS

On the occasion of the visit of the Norwegian Education and Research Delegation, led by Minister Iselin Nybø, a seminar was organized by the University of Bergen, Fudan University/Nordic Centre , and SNoW. The seminar attracted an audience of about 80 Chinese and Norwegian scholars and students.

Main content

Moderators: Magnus Jorem, Program Manager, Nordic Centre, Fudan University


“Gerontology innovation and smart senior care”

Chen Honglin, Fudan University, Associate Professor and Vice-Chair of Department of Social Work 

“The ageing population and innovation in elderly care in Norway”

Karen Christensen, University of Bergen, Professor of Sociology, Department of Sociology

“A comparative outlook on innovation in elderly care”

Lin Ka, Zhejiang University, Professor, College of Public Administration; Deputy Director, Center of European Studies

“Who should pay and deliver? Changing expectations towards state and non-state actors in social security and service provision - Chinese and comparative perspectives”

Hans Jørgen Gåsemyr, University of Bergen, Post-doc, Department of Comparative Politics Affiliated Senior Researcher, Norwegian Institute of International Affairs (NUPI) 

“Social transformation, welfare institutions and welfare governance in China”

Ren Yuan, Fudan University, Professor of Demography and Urban Studies; School of Social Development and Public Policy; Vice Director and General Secretary, Fudan University Yangtze River Delta Institute; Deputy Director, Institute of Population Research; Vice Director, Center for Urban and Regional Studies.

“Sustainability of health care provision in an ageing Norwegian population”

Jan Erik Askildsen, University of Bergen, Professor of Economics, Department of Economics; Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences

“Sino-Nordic Cross-Disciplinary Platform for Comparative Welfare Research”

Stein Kuhnle, University of Bergen, Professor of Comparative Politics, Department of Comparative Politics

Contact person for the seminar: Professor Stein Kuhnle

Email: stein.kuhnle@uib.no

Mobile phone: +47 92492279