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New postdoc at Sampol

Welcome to Jana as new post doctoral researcher at the Department

Jana got her PhD from the Department of Comparative Politics in 2020, and is now returning "home" to do research on political representation, political parties and elections

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Emma Maria Gyllander

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Jana Belschner began as a postdoc at Sampol in August 2022 and had previously held a postdoc position at the Chr. Michelsen Institute (CMI). In addition to her PhD from Sampol, she has a Master's degree in Political Science (2013) from the European University Viadrina and Istanbul Bilgi University.

Jana's research deals with political representation, political parties and elections. She is particularly interested in political representation of youth and younger generations; with a special focus on the links between young people's political participation, their presence in formal political institutions and the material representation of the interests of younger generations.

Jana uses both quantitative analysis of observation and election data and qualitative case studies in her research. She applies a cross-national perspective and has a comparative view of countries in Europe and Africa. Young people's representation in Tunisia, Morocco, Germany and Norway are among some of her research fields. Jana looks forward to continuing her research projects as a postdoc at the department, and we are very happy to have her here as a colleague.

Welcome Jana!