Department of Comparative Politics
Rokkan symposium

Rokkan Symposium: Resisting Authoritarianism

The symposium develops on the themes discussed in the Rokkan Memorial Lecture on the preceding day (Wednesday, October 26). Five speakers will discuss different aspects of authoritarianism and autocratization processes in both democracies and non-democracies, and the symposium will conclude with a roundtable with the panelists on the symposium theme.


Main content

0915-0930: Coffee

0930-1050: Panel 1
Chair: Kristin Strømsnes
Kathleen Klaus (Uppsala University) "The legacies of political violence and implications for peacebuilding: Evidence from Kenya"
Kyle Marquardt (University of Bergen) "How popular are autocrats? Estimating support for Russia's president"

1050-1105: Break

1105-1145:  Panel 2
Chair: Kyle Marquardt
Diana Kudaibergenova (University of Cambridge) "Protesting under authoritarianism: Defining regime-society relations"

1145-1315: Lunch

1315-1435: Panel 3
Chair: Per Selle
Sirianne Dahlum (University of Oslo) "How deeply rooted is mass support for democracy? Evidence from Norway"
Yuko Sato (University of Gothenburg) “Resisting autocratization in the Age of Polarization.”

1435-1500: Coffee

1500-1530: Roundtable "Resisting authoritarianism"
Chair: Sheri Berman (Barnard College, Columbia University)

Scientific Committee: Kristin Strømsnes, Per Selle, Kyle Marquardt 

Registration is mandatory. Please, register by 20 October. Note that there is a limited number of seats.