Department of Comparative Politics
New associate professor II

Åse is newly employed as associate professor II at Sampol

Åse Gilje Østensen is associate professor at the Royal Norwegian Naval Academy, and is from August also employed as associate professor II at the department.

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Åse is associate professor at the Royal Norwegian Naval Academy, which is a department of the Norwegian Defence University College. She has previously held a postdoc position at Chr Michelsens Institute and has both her Master's (2005) and her PhD (2013) from the Department of Comparative Politics at the University of Bergen. 

Her research is mainly within the following fields:
- Commercialisation of security and military tasks
- Civilian-military cooperation in total defense concepts
- Gray zone warfare, with emphasis on nonstate actors

Østensen is part of the research project "Seapower 2014" at the Royal Norwegian Naval Academy, a project that seeks to analyse trends and developments in the maritime domain. She is also part of a Scandinavian research project financed by the Swedish Research Council. The project compares total defense concepts in Norway, Sweden and Denmark.

During the Spring semester of 2023, Åse will teach the new course SAMPOL233 Defense and Total Defense in Established Democracies. The course aims to improve student’s knowledge of how state security is managed and provided within democracies, primarily in Norway. The course seeks to answer questions such as how the armed forces are rooted in the Norwegian democracy and the nation state? What is total defence and what role does civilian society play? Which principal and practical challenges are tied to the divsion of labour?