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Nonviolent repression in electoral autocracies (Katerina Tertytchnaya)

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Welcome to the Core Lecture "Nonviolent repression in electoral autocracies" by Katerina Tertytchnaya (University College London)

Does preventive repression dampen or does it bolster mass support for groups that dissent despite obstruction? While a large literature recognizes the importance of preventive repression for authoritarian stability, we know very little about its effects on public opinion. To gain traction on this question I draw on evidence from unusually detailed data on unauthorized and authorized protest from Russia and an original survey experiment. I show that when the authorities engage in preventive repression, such as when they deny protest authorizations, protesters’ ability to generate support is compromised. Preventive repression also conditions the effect of nonviolent demonstrator tactics on public opinion. These effects, however, are contingent on citizen attitudes about the law and the authorities. Findings, which provide one of the first causal tests of the mass opinion effects of preventive repression, expand understanding of the consequences and audiences of repression and have implications for studies of authoritarian resilience.

The lecture will be held on Zoom: https://uib.zoom.us/j/66508791997?pwd=TUswaGtnRnNMdUc3VUxsOWRIa1BaUT09


The programme for the core lecture series for the Spring 2023 is:

  •  Cancelled! 16 February: "Peer effects and authoritarianism: Evidence from Norway" - Sirianne Dahlum
  • 16 March: "Nonviolent repression in electoral autocracies" - Katerina Tertytchnaya
  • 30 March: "Political Culture, Right Wing Authoritarianism, Social Dominance Orientation, and Trump Voters" - Brendon Swedlow
  • 1 June: "Need Not Apply: The Relationship Between the Ideology of Candidates for State Supreme Courts and the Contribution Preferences of Male and Female Donors" - Eric N Waltenburg

All seminars are held on Thursdays 14.00-15.30 in the Sampol Meeting room (2nd Floor), and are open to all. 

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