Department of Comparative Politics
Trial lecture

Trial lecture: Mari Skåra Helliesen

On 9 June 2023 Mari Skåra Helliesen will give her trial lecture for the degree of PhD at UiB

Main content

Given topic:

"Drivers of citizens’ climate policy preferences"

Motivation for the given topic:

 "Citizens’ preferences matter for policy outputs and outcomes in a representative democracy. With regards to climate change, citizens’ preferences for climate action are not given. The lecture provides an opportunity to discuss the most important determinants of climate policy support in democracies and should address the question “What are the main drivers of citizens’ climate preferences?” In answering this question, the focus should lie on the previous research on Western Europe and Norway in particular, connecting it to the focus of the dissertation.”

The public defence takes place at 10.30 on 9 June. Se calendar posting below.