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Department of Comparative Politics - ‘Centre of Excellence’

The Department of Comparative Politics is now a partner in PluriCourts - The Centre for the Study of the Legitimate Roles of the Judiciary in the Global Order, a Centre of Research Excellence at the Faculty of Law, University of Oslo.

The Research Council of Norway has initiated a Centres of Excellence (CoE) scheme with the intention of bringing more Norwegian researchers and research groups up to a high international standard. The centres are affiliated with Norway's top universities and premier independent research institutes.

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The Department of Comparative Politics participates in PluriCourts through Professor Siri Gloppen. The centre, which is funded by The Research Council of Norway, consists of researchers in law, political science and philosophy and studies the causes, functions, impacts and legitimacy of international adjudication of human rights, criminal justice, environment, trade and investment issues. Gloppen coordinates the political science research within the centre, which entails overseeing the development of the empirical research on the role and legitimacy of international courts.


In the project, Gloppen edits the book 'International Sexual and Reproductive Rights Lawfare' together with Alicia Ely Yamin of Harvard University and Malcolm Langford of the University of Oslo/CMI. The book deals with the causes, function, impact and legitimacy of international adjudication of sexual and reproductive rights, such as abortion and gay rights. It also investigates how taking a position on such politically and morally divisive issues affects the legitimacy of international courts. The book project is also related to a research project on sexual and reproductive rights at the Department of Comparative Politics.


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