Department of Comparative Politics

Communicating science through podcast

Lars Erik Berntzen is a former employee at the Department of Comparative Politics, and current Ph.D. candidate at the European University Institute in Florence (Italy). Berntzen is, together with Jonas Bergan Dræge, making the podcast "Politikk og Røvere".

Photo: Thea Snøfrid Bygjordet Sveen

Main content

"Politikk og Røvere" is a social science podcast that discusses important findings and theories from political science, anthropology, sociology and social psychology in a straightforward  manner. In collaboration with the online newspaper forskning.no, the dup release a new episode of about 30 minutes each week. The podcast is in Norwegian and often includes Scandinavian-speaking researchers as guests in the studio. 

The objective of the podcast is to communicate social scientific research to the general public. Berntzen and Dræge base the episodes on theories and research findings and associate it with interesting and relevant issues.

The newest episode focuses on tipping points to understand history, ethnic segregation, the spread of ideas, the fashion world, demonstrations and strategic chioces.

Previous episodes have dealt with nationalism, the tragedy of the commons, radical right parties, political violence, the EU, and privatization.