Department of Comparative Politics

Two new articles from Jonas Linde

Jonas Linde, Professor at the Department of Comparative Politics, has together with Stefan Dahlberg published two new articles.

Dahlberg og Linde artikler

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The articles study the winner-loser gap – a gap in satisfaction with democracy between electoral winners and losers.

'The dynamics of the winner-loser gap in satisfaction with democracy: Evidence from a Swedish citizen panel' was published in International Political Science Review. The article investigates the dynamics in the frequently observed gap between “winners” and “losers” regarding satisfaction with democracy. Analyzing panel data on Swedish voters over an electoral cycle of four years, Linde and Dahlberg find that this gap is very stable over the entire period.

'Losing Happily? The Mitigating Effect of Democracy and Quality of Government on the Winner-Loser Gap in Political Support' was published in International Journal of Public Administration. In the article, Linde and Dahlberg argue that previous research on the winner-loser gap has to too great extent focused on formal political institutions and underestimated institutional quality and performance. Through a multilevel analysis of data from European Social Survey, Linde and Dahlberg show that a well-functioning democracy and high quality of governance contribute to narrowing the gap in satisfaction with democracy between electoral winners and losers in European democracies.