Sars International Centre for Marine Molecular Biology


Mnemiopsis leidyi

The Sars International Centre for Marine Molecular Biology, created in 1997, studies the basic biological processes in marine organisms using functional and comparative molecular methods. It is since 2003 a partner of the European Molecular Biology Laboratory  (EMBL).

Gap junction – dependent coordination of intercellular calcium signaling during early embryogenesis of Oikopleura dioica

Choreographed Calcium Signals

How do cells in the early embryo coordinate their development to create the different tissues of the body? We have found that rapid changes in calcium levels travel from cell to cell in a choreographed wave, and that disrupting this wave leads to abnormal development.

Billie Swalla
Sep 06

Billie Swalla (Friday Harbor Labs)

"Evolution, Development and Regeneration of the Chordates"

Sars centre guest seminars
Karen Echeverri
Sep 27

Karen Echeverri (The University of Chicago) 

"Molecular mechanisims of regeneration: lessons from axolotls"


Profiling Ciona Behaviour

Establishing links between the anatomy and behavior of animals is one of the top goals of neurobiologists. For such a challenge, Ciona is gradually getting on the right track!  Read the exciting new paper from Marios Chatzigeorgiou's group.

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