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Mnemiopsis leidyi

The Sars International Centre for Marine Molecular Biology, created in 1997, studies the basic biological processes in marine organisms using functional and comparative molecular methods. It is since 2003 a partner of the European Molecular Biology Laboratory  (EMBL).

Scientific illustration of receptors for snails, worms and invertebrates

New Sars Centre paper highlighted by the Journal of Biological Chemistry

The paper from the Lynagh Group was highlighted as one of the journal’s Editors' Picks, which represent the top-rated papers published in JBC across the field of biological chemistry, and was selected for its ‘exceptional contribution to the field.’


ERC funding for Sars Centre research on deviations from the Neuron Doctrine

Pawel Burkhardt is awarded with an ERC Consolidator Grant for his exciting project ORIGINEURO

Ukrainsk flagg i vinden

Information for students and employees about Ukraine

Here you can find relevant information for students and employees, regarding Russia's invasion of Ukraine. The information will be updated.

New Publications

Making the sea anemone sting with a chromatin modifier

The role of proteins affecting development via chromatin changes is poorly known outside bilaterian animals. Knocking out the Lsd1 gene in Nematostella shows its master role in the differentiation of cnidocytes, cells related to neurons that neutralize enemies by shooting a poisonous harpoon.