Shaping European Research Leaders for Marine Sustainability (SEAS)
What have our fellows been up to?


Our fellows have been busy since they arrived. This is where we will keep you updated with some of the things they have been up to!

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On this page the SEAS office gather events (that we know of) that have taken place and that have involved some sort of either 1) cooperation between the SEAS fellows, 2) some elements of outreach and/or 3) participation in nettworking or partner activities on behalf of UiB



Symposium on “The future of deep-sea mining: minerals, industry, society, and seabed governance”

4, DecemberSEAS fellows: Aistė Klimašauskaitė and Claudiu Eduard Nedelciu
SEAS annual gathering, UiB news article15-17, November SEAS office
Posters made for the "open-sessions" connected to the SEAS annual gathering15-17, NovemberSEAS fellows