Shaping European Research Leaders for Marine Sustainability (SEAS)
Posters 2023

SEAS posters 2023

You can find all the posters presented during our annual 2023 meeting here. The posters will be up for all three days 15-17 November, but if you want to talk to the fellows, they will be at their posters at 12.00-13.00 on Wednesday 15th, at 12.30-13.30 on Thursday 16th and at 12.00-13.00 on Friday 17th.

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Name (alphabetical)Poster title and linkDepartment
Andreas AlexanderResearch front – where ice meets the oceanDepartment of Earth Science
Asia Alsgaard100,000 Years of Fishing in South AfricaDepartment of Archaeology, History, Cultural Studies and Religion
Ola Gunhildrud BertaTuna management in OceaniaDepartment of Social Anthropology
João BettencourtAre fjords losing their breath in the Anthropocene?Geophysical Institute
Kurt Heinrich Wogau ChongFrom Sea to Little Karoo: Tracking the paleo-landscape inhabited by the first modern humansDepartment of Earth Science
Virginie ComorgeCould the filament be the weak point of salmon louse?Department of Biological Sciences
Gillian DamerellFrom the weather to marine lifeGeophysical Institute
Damaris Benny DanielCan microplastics in mothers’ seafood diet reach the fetus?Department of Clinical Medicine
Paul DeesWrinkles in time: Identifying ecological regime shiftsGeophysical Institute
Konstanze HaubnerSea level: Rising for many - dropping for someDepartment of Earth Science
Frida HoemFuture North Atlantic nutrient supply at risk?Department of Earth Science
Bashar KhorbatlyMathematical Methods for Marine SustainabilityDepartment of Mathematics
Aistė KlimašauskaitėPolicy research – why you should careCentre for the Study of the Sciences and the Humanities
Daniel Warren KoestnerRobots, lasers, and the future of
ocean observing
Department of Physics and Technology
Samaneh Abolpour MofradGeometric Deep Learning for Smart ShippingDepartment of Informatics
Nazar MohamedMarine aspects of human healthDepartment of Clinical Medicine
Claudiu Eduard NedelciuBeyond deep-sea miningDepartment of Geography
Leila NeimaneLaw and wind farms in the Baltic Sea and North SeaFaculty of Law
Mauro PassarellaUnderstanding Deep Sea mineralization: A sustainable path forward with CO2 storageDepartment of Earth Science
Shreesha Sadashiva RaoDecoding Fish Resilience: Combating Microbial ThreatsDepartment of Biological Sciences
Bichitra Nanda SahooAntibiofouling CoatingsDepartment of Physics and Technology
Håkon Johan SandvenLight and Life in the Present and Future OceanDepartment of Physics and Technology
Zoran SargacHow marine parasites pick their host?Department of Biological Sciences
Amit SharmaMaritime human factors for tomorrowDepartment of Psychosocial Science
Paul ThomasMultifunctional CoatingDepartment of Physics and Technology
Juan Manuel Valero RodríguezThe green guardians of the coastDepartment of Biological Sciences
Rosa Maria Vargas MaganaUnraveling the Fate of Plastic Debris in the Coastal OceanDepartment of Mathematics
Thomas VölkerOn salmon feed and tomato harvestersCentre for the Study of the Sciences and the Humanities
Liaqat Zeb Green Natural Products From Seaweeds?Department of Chemistry