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Understanding global societal changes

SVTs Silvio Funtowicz and Thor Olav Iversen about "the crisis in science" and the origin on post normal science.

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Janne B. Bøe

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Professor II Silvio Funtowicz in dialog with PhD candidate Thor Olav Iversen, both SVT, in Bergen Globals podcast-seriees Making sense of global challenges.

Funtowicz held a lecture the same day in their seminar serier on UNs Sustainable Development Goals, a collaboration between Forum for vitenskap og demokrati, SDG Bergen and Bergen Global. 

Lecture in full: On the rhetoric of sustainability   


Link to podcasten: https://soundcloud.com/user-444604854/silvio-funtowicz-on-post-normal-sc...

Link to lecture: https://soundcloud.com/user-444604854/silvio-funtowicz-on-the-rhetoric-o...