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03.08.38: States of Emergency

Guest researcher at SVT, Tore Vagn Lid, is behind the play "03:08:38 - Tilstander av Unntak» (States of Emergency)" at Utøya, which will be shown as a live broadcast across the whole country as part of the theatre festival Heddadagene.

En formasjon av steiner, et kart av Norge formet av tekst og informasjon om arrangementet

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English translation from the website of the Arctic Arts Festival:

Reconstruction of an afternoon in a state of emergency


The seconds, minutes and hours it took a man to blow up a Norwegian government building and then proceed to kill young, social-democratic politicians attending a summer camp. 

How does the outside world react – not after – but during such a state (of emergency), where everything is uncertain and where speculations wander off in all directions?

The theatre performance 03:08:38 States of Emergency is a reconstruction of the afternoon 22 July 2011. It shows, minute by minute, what happened during that afternoon of the terrorist attacks in Oslo and on Utøya and it incorporates authentic radio broadcasts and recordings from both Norway and abroad. 

This way, the story is recreated in scary real time. During the performance, designers, film makers and musicians are working on stage and by using a small cardboard model car, drawings and an alarming ticking sound as part of the soundscape, they trigger the imagination of the audience.

More information about the play and contributing theatres on Heddadagenes website, the Facebook event (in Norwegian) and the below flyer. Follow the live broadcast on 7 pm CET on 5 June here.

Produced by av Transiteatret-Bergen in cooperation with: Wrap Arts Centre, Dramatikkens hus, Festspillene i Nord-Norge, Institute for media science W. Goethe Universitet, (Frankfurt a.M.), Det Vestnorske Teateret og Vega Scene.