UNESCO Chair: Sustainable heritage and environmental management
OPPLEV Nordhordland

OPPLEV Nordhordland Biosphere Reserve at Marineholmen

On Saturday the 23rd of April we showcased Nordhordland UNESCO Biosphere Reserve at the knowledge festival "OPPLEV på Marineholmen", arranged by the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences.

People gathered in front of the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve stand during the knowledge festival
We had many visitors at our Nordhordland UNESCO Biosphere Reserve stand!
Johan Måren

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On this beautiful sunny day most of the UNESCO Chair group was present at Marineholmen, and ready to engage with the public. We were lucky enough to be joined by both Nordhordland Biosphere Reserve coordinator Kari Evensen Natland, and our designated "project farmer" Maya Fugelsnes Greve from the farm Nordre Solend Gård.

We had set up a stand displaying our research in the Nordhordland Biosphere Reserve area, with special attention to the importance of nature values. Some of the most characteristic nature values of Nordhordland were displayed in the classic "norgesglass" (glass jars), with info cards connecting them to the different UN sustainable development goals. Some of the nature values displayed were for instance agricultural products, clean air and water, wild foods, recreation and biodiversity.

Glass jars on table with different content representing different nature values

Norgesglass - glass jars - containing different nature values

Johan Måren

We also conducted a "live" version of PhD candidate Jarrod Cusens participatory mapping of nature values - allowing people to connect different nature values to different places in Nordhordland on a big map. Hiking, fishing, and foraging wild foods seemed to be the most appreciated nature values amongst our visitors this day.

Big map with different symbols of nature values added to it.

Appreciated nature values in Nordhordland

Johan Måren

Passers-by were also fortunate enough to have a "taste of Nordhordland" through the local food network "Smaken av Nordhordland". We were serving goat and deer sausage from Ikeland gard at Seim on "knekkebrød" from Aufera at Manger. For those with a sweet tooth we also had traditional "lefser" from Aufera as well. The food got many compliments, and hopefully we could convey the importance of locally produced food in the context of sustainability.

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