UNESCO Chair: Sustainable heritage and environmental management
Nordhordland Biosphere Day

Learn about the scientific activity in Nordhordland UNESCO Biosphere Reserve!

On June 1st, UiB's UNESCO Group and Nordhordland UNESCO Biosphere Reserve is arranging the BIOSPHERE DAY in Knarvik, Nordhordland. UNESCO Group members will present current and previous scientific projects from the region, and share reuslts and insights. The event is open to the public.

Ola Moen, Hildegunn Opdal, Ruben Soltvedt

Main content

This day will be fully loaded with content concerning science and sustainability in Nordhordland UNESCO Biosphere Reserve!

The event is split into a day-time section and an evening section, both of which are open to the public.

Day-time – 12:00-15:30

For the day-time event, members of UiB's UNESCO Chair Group will present some of the previous and ongoing research from Nordhordland, focusing on sustainable land use and municipal collaboration. The Biosphere's founding father, professor emeritus Peter Emil Kaland, will also be present, and sharing the background of how the biosphere reserve came to be.

We encourage scientists, municipality employees, and societally engaged people and organisations to attend this part of the event.

Evening – 18:00-21:00

During the evening, the focus will be on all aspects of sustainability in Nordhordland - economically, socially and environmentally - with parallel presentations about carbon at Mongstad, life in rural areas, green fjords and nature's contributions to people. There will also be snacks from Smak av Nordhordland and competitions.

We encourage all inhabitants of Nordhordland, and others with an interest, to join this part of the event.

You find the full program and sign-up link here.