University Museum of Bergen


Ethnographic objects are artefacts which have been collected from indigenous communities around the world. This material found their way to Bergens Museum as early as the first decade after its establishment in 1825.


County court judge Wilhelm Frimann Koren Christie, who founded the Museum, was a keen collector and registered items by his own hand in the acquisition catalogue. This catalogue, dated 1848, still exists, and represents one of the collection’s many treasures.


To day, the collection consists of more than 10 000 objects from all parts of the world. Ongoing, current research carried out by the conservators is linked to development issues in Africa and Oceania, and to universal problem-oriented approaches about man’s relationship to things; within technology, art, and ritualised behaviour.


The anthropological section is also responsible for the exhibition "Eternal Life – Treasures of Ancient Egypt". The exhibition has received national and international media attention lately due to spooky mysteries. To find additional information about the exhibition, please use the menu on the right of the screen.


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