University Museum of Bergen

Research at The University Museum of Bergen

The University Museum of Bergen is a branch of the University of Bergen. The research is the basis, but also integrated with the other main activities in the Museum: Collection, systematisation, preservation, research, and dissemination of knowledge.

The University Museum performs research in both cultural and natural science disciplines. The collections are the basis of the research, and the intentions are to enhance appreciation and communication of these. It is a vital function for the University Museum to stimulate research where methods and perspectives of both cultural and natural science supplement each other.


The Museum has an obligation to maintain the wide range of artefacts and objects already present in the Museum´s collections. In the chosen strategic priorities, the University Museum shall represent excellent research competence at an international level.


The Museum’s strategic priorities for the period 2005-2010


Man and nature in Western Norway

- A research network focusing on the Museum’s large archaeological collections. The common ground is paleo history and focuses on the interactions between man and nature in an extensive, cultural historical perspective. This also includes perspectives of the region and regionalisation processes.


Religious practices in Europe

- A research theme which articulates historical perspectives of religious cultures through a European research network, ENID. This research is coordinated from The Cultural History Collections and via a network focusing on religion and devotional practices in the Nordic countries. The role of the University Museum as a national centre for medals research is included in this.

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Cultural processes

- A research theme addressing encounters between cultures and the processes of change. This also includes development research.


Objects and technology

- Research addressing material culture and the significance of objects in a social context.


Institutional perspectives

- Museological perspectives related to university museums with focus on framework conditions for research and dissemination of knowledge. It also includes basic problems in cultural heritage protection such as development of knowledge and developing criteria for management.


Rock Art

- A cross disciplinary research project with equal partners covering botany, geology and archaeology. The main focus lies on documentation and protection of West Norwegian rock art. This includes mapping of the significance and interplay between physical, chemical and biological factors which control the decomposition of rock art. The objective is developing methods which will protect and prevent damage.

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Norwegian and global fauna and flora

- Taxonomic registration of Norwegian and global fauna and flora and publishing the results in international publications.

Biogeography and biodiversity

- Research aiming to enhance our knowledge of biogeography and biodiversity in time and space.



- This research focuses on Norwegian and European paleobiology.


Stone quarries and stone buildings

- Registration of and research on stone quarries and the use of natural stone building blocks in Western Norway.

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The Caledonian mountain range

- Research aiming to enhance new knowledge of the Caledonian mountain range

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Petroleum geology

- Research on petroleum geology related structural geology.


Resource management

- Research which promotes basic knowledge to the management of Norway’s terrestrial and marine resources.