University Museum of Bergen

Osteological collections

Recent and bioarchaeological bone material is collected and kept in Osteological section. The animal bones have been collected from around the country. It is the largest bone collection in Norway and one of the largest in Europe.

Main content

Research at the Osteological section is mainly concerneded with subfossil bones with particular emphasis on northern European fauna history. We cooperate with reseach groups in archeology, paleobotany, quaternary geology and paleozoologi in reconstructing glacial and postglacial (Quaternary) environments and cultural history. We see it as an important task to maintain and to increase research and supervision capacity in these fields.

The collection of "modern" skeletons (recent material) is also very large, for some species among the largest and most valuable in Europe.

Section of Osteology has three scientific collections
· A national subfossil bones collection
· A collection of recent skulls and skeletons
· A collection of human "milk teeth"