University Museum of Bergen

The Museum Buildings

The University Museum consists of two main buildings; the Historical Museum and the Natural History Museum.You can visit our cultural history exhibitions (at Haakon Sheteligsplass 10). The Natural History Museum ( Muséplass 3) is now under renovation and the natural history exhibitions are closed until 2019.

The Historical Museum

This building opened in 1927. It was created by architect Egill Reimers as a specially designed museum building. The building is partly protected as a cultural heritage. It contains exhibitions presenting collections from archaeology, anthropology, and cultural history. In this building you will find  the main part of the staff at the Department of Cultural History.

Natural History Museum

This building opened in 1867 (architect Johan Henrik Nebelong) and was extended with wings in 1898 (architect Hans Jakob Sparre). The building is partly protected as a cultural heritage and contains exhibitions presenting collections from botany, geology and zoology.  

Natural History Museum under renovation

The Natural History Museum is now undergoing a major restoration, and will reopen in 2019. The aim of the project is to be able to carray out a reveren restoration of the building which will present modern exhibitions, exciting educational experiences and various types of science communication in culture and nature. Norway´s oldest museum building, built for that purpose, will be restored with exhibitions, a new Assembly hall and  modern museum infrastructure. The prudent restoration will reinforce the quality and historical atmosphere of the building.

The south wing reopended in September 2015 with a new grand Assembly hall and a café which you now can visit.