University Museum of Bergen

In Bergen Museum, there stands a horse

The small, longhaired Lofoten horse became extinct in 1899. The last specimen stands at Bergen Museum.

The Lofoten horse was a type of horse that managed life outdoors all year round. It was a valuable work horse, first and foremost used for transportation and transport of travellers. Round about the mid-1800s, this easily pleased and robust horse was a common sight in Lofoten, Salten, and Vesterålen.

The last specimen of this species is stuffed and on display in Bergen Museum. The horse skeleton was examined and described by professor August Brinkmann in Bergens Museum’s Yearbook 1919–20. He was of the opinion that it represented a very old horse breed. The Lofoten horse is reckoned to be related to the Nordland and Lyngen horses.

Here you can listen to the story about the very last Lofoten horse. ( in Norwegian)