University Museum of Bergen

Re-excavation of 2000-year-old Egyptian textiles

In 1828, Bergens Museum became the owner of an Egyptian mummy lying in a painted coffin, dating back to the Greco-Roman period. Nobody envisaged that there was a treasure hidden at the bottom of the coffin.

In February 2009, staff at the Cultural History Collections of Bergen Museum had the chance to make new discoveries about old, Egyptian textiles. The process itself could remind of an archaeological excavation - in an exhibition.

Yearbook for 2009

You can find the article written by Hana Lukešová, about this topic in Bergen Museum’s Yearbook for 2009. You can also download the article and the entire Yearbook ( in Norwegian) here. The Yearbook for Bergen Museum 2009 can be bought from our online shop, or in the Museum Shop at The Cultural History Collections. Price: NOK100.