Awarded for creating an excellent learning environment

Professor Lars Nyre was recently presented with an award for creating the best learning environment in 2019.

Lars Nyre and his students
Torhild Dahl, UiB

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Professor Lars Nyre has always been keen on experimenting with new technology and innovation, and he has a long record of involving his students in these processes. Thus, the University of Bergen decided to give him an award for creating the best learning environment in 2019.

“The ViSmedia focus on the visual aspects of journalism and storytelling has been an important inspiration for my teaching the last four years”


The award ceremony was performed as a surprise visit during class, and the classroom was a fitting arena for the presentation, as Professor Nyre’s students were the ones who had nominated him. According to the students, Professor Nyre has created an excellent atmosphere for learning through his strong personal involvement and deep knowledge. The students particularly appreciate that he lets them be an important part of the academic community.

A signature element of professor Nyre’s method is to use the classic theory traditions as a foundation for exploring and experimenting with new technology, such as VR journalism, synthetic radio, artificially intelligent coffee machines and ‘evil drones’. 

‘Several of the courses I teach at the program in media and interaction design have been developed together with the ViSmedia research team’, Professor Nyre said.

‘ViSmedia has sponsored the purchase of a drone and a powerful VR technology, and it has also supported our experimental teaching with added teacher resources for drone piloting and instruction in VR programming’. 

Some of the student projects have been presented on the ViSmedia website and at ViSmedia conferences and seminars, including one on exploring VR journalism and another on investigating news reading with eye tracking. To include students in research and dissemination this way has surely contributed to their satisfaction with the courses and teaching methods at Media City Bergen.

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Torhild Dahl, UiB