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2019 Doktorgrader

2019 Doktorgrader

Bilde fra NFiP-kurs på Svalbard i 2018


Silje Smith-Johnsen15.11.19"Dynamics of the Northeast Greenland Ice Stream: the role of geothermal heat and subglacial hydrology"
Nora Loose30.8.2019"Adjoint Modeling and Observing System Design in the Subpolar North Atlantic"
Evangeline Sessford14.6.2019"Hydrography in the Nordic Seas During Dansgaard-Oeschger Events 8-5"
Felix Halpaap7.6.2019”Generation of intermediate-depth earthquakes and the fate of subduction fluids”
Eirik Gjerløw3.6.2019"Holocene Volcanic Activity and Hazards of Jan Mayen, North-Atlantic"
Karin Landschulze31.5.2019"Geophysical investigation of the Hugin Fracture, a soft-sediment seafloor fracture on the Utsira High, North Sea"
Andrea Demuth5.4.2019"Ambient noise levels, QLg wave tomography and earthquake source parameters in Norway"
Anne Stensland20.3.2019"Input and fate of hydrothermal volatiles and trace elements in deep-sea plumes from Arctic vent Fields"
Torgeir Opeland Røthe18.3.2019"Reconstructions of palaeoenvironmental variations from lacustrine sediments in sub-Arctic and Arctic lakes, and their climatic implications"
Tore Aadland13.3.2019"Disentangling time from siliciclastic sedimentary rocks".
Andreas Plach8.3.2019"Simulation of the Eemian Greenland ice sheet
Hallgeir Sirevaag15.2.2019"Late Paleozoic – Cenozoic tectono-thermal evolution of a glaciated passive margin, based on low-temperature thermochronology from Dronning Maud Land, East Antarctica"
Henrik Sadatzki15.2.2019“Sea ice variability in the Nordic Seas over Dansgaard–Oeschger climate cycles during the last glacial – A biomarker approach”