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Welcome to «Tama Gaun» - film premiere at the Museum!

On Wednesday night 15 January the University Museum presents a first performance of the film «Tama Gaun – the copper village». The film will be shown in the exhibition « Behind the screen». There’s now only a few days left to visit this exhibition, up to and including 19 January, which presents anthropologists who work with film.


The film has been made by the anthropologists Frode Storaas (University Museum, UiB) and Dipesh Kharel in collaboration with archaeologists Nils Anfinset (UiB) and Man Bahadur Khattri.


TIME: Wednesday 15 January 19.00

LOCATION: The Cultural History Collections, Haakon Sheteligsplass 10

The anthropological film «Tama Gaun - the copper village» gets its material from a village in Nepal where a few survivors still know how to extract and melt copper. The copper fulfils an important function in this community where the caste system still exists. The Hindu god Shiva is said to have manifested himself in copper, which therefore fulfils an important ritual, cultural, and economic function. The film follows the foreman Ujire who leads us through the process from excavation to extraction, melting and preparation. As part of the social and cultural context of the process, the film also depicts village life in the autumn festival period.
The film has been made by Frode Storaas (University Museum of Bergen) and Dipesh Kharel, and was produced by the University Museum with the support of, among others, the Bergen University Fund.

«Behind the screen»

The exhibition «Behind the screen» presents work and films made by seven different anthropological filmmakers and will be shown up to and including 19 January. The exhibition shows some of the ways different anthropologists have worked with film, and presents seven anthropologists who have made films themselves or collaborated with other filmmakers. The anthropologists and filmmakers who are presented in the exhibition are Frode Storaas, Stig Holmqvist, Aud Talle, Arve Sørum, Rosella Ragazzi, Jan K. Simonsen, Peter Crawford, Fredrik Barth and Ebbe Ording. The travelling exhibition was opened in September at the University Museum and has been produced by the University of Oslo Library.