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The exhibition "We 1814 – 2014"

The Constitution up for debate!

With the exhibition "We 1814 – 2014" the general public is invited to the Museum to debate constitutional values like welfare, equal rights, democracy, and other key values that we hold in high regard and that we gradually have taken for granted. But should we?

Fra grunnlovsutstillingen "Vi 1814 – 2014"
Universitetet i Bergen


The exhibition "We 1814 – 2014" on the Norwegian Constitution shows the development of our political culture, state ruled by justice, and democracy. It raises fundamental issues about our democracy of today. In this way, the exhibition will spark debates and engagement, not least among young people.

“We 1814 – 2014" is a different and innovative exhibition which makes use of new exhibition styles in the form of lighting, physical installations, animations, street art, film, rebel stories and more.

Historians, jurists, philosophers and political scientists at the University of Bergen have contributed to the content of the exhibition and the issues that it raises. These are different dilemmas around division of powers, freedom of expression, control and surveillance, punishment, rights, democratic participation and not least the individual’s responsibility and personal engagement in a vibrant democracy.

We wish in particular to engage young people from the age of 14 to 25 years, but this is an exhibition dealing with matters of current interest to most people, at least young people and adults. In this way, the University and the Museum wish to stimulate to engagement where the open questions are more important than overconfidence/dogmatism and ready-made answers. The exhibition is an arena for exchange of views about our democracy, and the Museum will be hosting various debate events in collaboration with others from the autumn of 2014.

The Exhibition of the Constitution "We 1814 – 2014" have been produced by the University Museum and marked the start of the celebration week of the Constitution at the University of Bergen (UiB) from 12 – 17 May.