Protein ribbon model

We are interested in the molecular mechanisms behind biomolecular recognition and functional response.

The Biorecognition group is divided into four labs. Please visit the lab pages to learn more about our research.

Nyfødt føtter

13 million NOK for research towards phenylkentonuria

Aurora Martinez’ Pluvia receives NOK 13 million from the Norwegian Research Council for research on a cure for phenylkentonuria

Malaria and Medicine

New study may find a cure for malaria

Researchers at the Department of Biomedicine participate in an international research project that has now found a promising compound which could turn into an effective drug against malaria.

Ruth Brenk

Millions to research for discovering new antibiotics

Ruth Brenk at The Department of biomedicine received a grant of 7 million NOK for research to discover new antibiotics. The work will be carried out with collaborators at the Indian Institute of Chemical Technology.

New review article
TPP riboswitch binding site

Review about ligand design for riboswitches published

About state-of the art of riboswitch ligand design and future perspectives.