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Open Access to research output

Open Access

Researchers and students affiliated to the University of Bergen can make their scientific publications available Open Access through the University’s online research archive, Bergen Open Research Archive (BORA), or by publishing Open Access.

What is Open Access?

Open Access (OA) is a publishing model that provides unrestricted online access to research output. Research publications and data are made freely, immediately and permanently available online for users. The author or creator retains copyright, but gives the user permission to read, download, copy, distribute, search in, or link to the text without compensation.

There are two routes to achieve Open Access:

  1. Green: Self-archiving master theses, PhD theses, copies of peer-reviewed research articles, and other scientific material in open research archives.
  2. Gold: Publishing research articles Open Access. This can either be through Open Access journals, or by choosing hybrid Open Access. Hybrid-publishing implies that one pays extra to make individual articles in traditional journals available Open Access. Books can also be published Open Access.

One of the most used definitions of Open Access can be found here: http://openaccess.mpg.de/286432/Berlin-Declaration

Read more about Open Access: http://www.phdontrack.net/share-and-publish/open-access/

Open Access services at the University of Bergen

The University of Bergen Library offers several services to make research publications from students and researchers available Open Access.

Bergen Open Research Archive (BORA)

Through the University's institutional repository, Bergen Open Research Archive (BORA), you can make your master thesis, PhD thesis, copies of research articles, research data, and other types of research material available. Research material can be made available in BORA by contacting us, or by uploading the full-text in CRIStin. Please contact us if you have questions about copyright.

Funding to publish Open Access

It is possible to apply for economic funding to publish research publications Open Access through the University's fund for Open Access publishing. Only corresponding authors from the University of Bergen can apply.

Bergen Open Access Publishing (BOAP)

The University Library runs a service for Open Access journals, Bergen Open Access Publishing (BOAP). We can offer new and established journals and series hosting and technical support through the platform Open Journal Systems (OJS). The content must be published Open Access with a Creative Commons license.

Open Access policy at The University of Bergen

The Open Access policy at The University of Bergen was adopted at the University board meeting of 15.11.2012.

The Open Access policy includes the following statements:

  1.  The University asks all employees to make their research publications available Open Access if possible, either through open research archives and/or through open publishing.
  2.  Employees are encouraged to publish their scientific work with publishers that ensure Open Access, as far as such publishing does not conflict with academic freedom or the University’ goal to publish in reputable publishing channels.
  3. Students are encouraged to make their master thesis available in BORA as long as this does not come in conflict with publishing the thesis.

The Open Access policy adopted by the University board can be found here (in Norwegian): http://www.uib.no/filearchive/2012-088.pdf

Quality-assured Open Access journals

Find quality-assured Open Access journals registered on level 1 or 2 in the Norwegian register of Scientific Journals by searching here

Make sure to choose “Yes” in the field “Open Access (DOAJ)” in the web form. The search will provide journals that are registered in The Directory of Open Access Journals. You can narrow your search by choosing scientific discipline and subject area.

National goals and guidelines for open access to research articles

From 22.08.2017 the government has implemented National goals and guidelines for open access to research articles.

The government’s goal is that all pubclicly funded Norwegian research articles should be made openly available by 2024, and the government has established guidelines and measures for open access to research articles. Read more.