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Sophia-Charlotte Hahn

Sophia-Charlotte Hahn is a MPA student who started the fall of 2020. She is now writing her master thesis on the recent Norwegian local government reform.

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Why did you choose the Master's program in Public Administration to further your studies?

As I already took a course at the department during my Erasmus stay in Bergen in 2018, I considered the department’s focus to fit my academic interests – this has so far been confirmed!

How has the transition from Bachelor to Master level studies been?

Having obtained my Bachelor’s within the German academic system, doing a whole Master’s at UiB meant some changes I had to adapt to. The departments academic and administrative staff was, however, helpful in getting used to the new environment, I soon made new friends and by the start of the second semester clearly felt that I had “arrived” at the MPA.

How have you developed academically while attending the Master's program in Public Administration?

I definitively got acquainted with new methodological and Research Design related skills, which the program puts an emphasis on. It will be interesting and challenging to adopt this knowledge when soon starting to write on my thesis.

What is the subject of your master's thesis? Why did you choose this topic?

I will write my thesis on the recent Norwegian local government reform – a topic I have been interested in all the way since my first stay in Bergen in 2018 and that I am glad to finally focus on more deeply!

What is your best memory from studying at the Master's program so far?

I especially enjoyed the State of the Art-course in spring 2021, concerned with multi-level governance and crises. Having had some weeks of digital teaching, it felt refreshing to get back to class exchanging more directly with the teachers and fellow students.      
The after-class lunch breaks we would sometimes have with the other MPA-students at Kvarteret are one of my favourite non-course related moments during this first year as an MPA-student.

Why should new applicants choose the Master's Program in Public Administration?

Staying at a smaller department gives you the opportunity to easily get in touch with the lecturers as well as other students and administrative staff. The program will give you the chance to improve your research skills and critical reflection of others’ academic work.

Why should new applicants come to Bergen, and the University of Bergen?

Being a comparatively big university, UiB allows you to get to know students from different disciplines – at least during non-Covid times which I fortunately had experienced during my stay in 2018. Hopefully university life will turn back to normality by autumn! Bergen itself is the perfect combination of mountains, sea, cosy tree houses, a highly successful football club and a lively student environment in the centre.

Do you have any advice for fresh master students?

Be prepared for the rain.