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Crash Course in Social Anthropology

We are happy to announce our brand new Crash Course in Social Anthropology! All interested are welcome to take the course.

Crash course Anthropology
Fieldwork is a groundpillar in Social Anthropology, and one of the modules in the cash course. The picture is called "Barbershop interview, and taken in Jalalabad, Afghanistan, 2010.
Jan Chipchase / IMTFI

Main content

Are you interested in cultural diversity? How different people see and categorize the world? The relationship between humans and animals, spirits, things, nature, technology and much more? Try our brand new crash course! It will give you all the basic knowledge you need to embark on the journey of Social Anthropology.

Structure and Modules

The Crash Course in Social Anthropology is targeted for international and visiting students with little knowledge of the discipline. Yet, it will also be a helpful tool for bachelor students at the department. The course is taught by Anthropologist Tord Austdal.

Students can follow the modules in the course, which is structured in the following headlines: What is Anthropology? Thinking Anthropologically, Doing Anthropology and What is a Perspective?

Enrollment of the Crash Course

The course is open to everyone enrolled as students at UiB, and can be found at Mitt UiB. The course does not generate study points, but is meant to be an extra, voluntary offer to interested students. It explains the basic elements of Social Anthropology and contains concept exercises, a fieldwork exercise and several extra resources for anyone who wants to explore a topic further.


Welcome to the Crash Course and to the world of Social Anthropology - we hope you enjoy it!