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Position open: Professor - Associate Professor of Medicine in Global Health

There is a permanent full-time position (100%) as Professor of Medicine (Global Health) open at the University of Bergen, Department of Global Public Health and Primary Care, Centre for International Health. If there are no qualified applicants for the Professor position, candidates will also be considered for an Associate Professor position.

CIH staff
Thorkild Tylleskär

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The Centre for International Health (CIH) is an interdisciplinary and inter-Faculty Centre at the Faculty of Medicine and is a part of the Department of Global Public Health and Primary Care. CIH runs a Research School in International Health with around 60 PhD candidates and 40 Master of Philosophy students. There is also a CIH/CISMAC Research School for PhD candidates. These programmes at CIH are all in English and closely linked to partnership programmes in research, and staff development programmes with institutions in Africa and Asia. The staff at CIH is also required to take part in the University of Bergen’s medical training, teaching medicine students about Global Health. 

The main tasks for CIH are:

  • Initiate, perform and co-ordinate health research and education that is important to the world's poor populations.
  • Perform research, teaching, postgraduate education and leadership development in partnership with institutions in low- or middle-income countries (LMIC), and contribute to competence building at partner institutions.

Deadline for applications: 24.03.2019 Learn more about this position.